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Buick 1941

Global Cab & Travelling Services owns and provides buick 1941 on rental. In 1941, General Motors debuted their new aerodynamic “torpedo” styling, a look we would today call a fastback. This new styling was available in the Special and Century lines and included 2-door coupe (called a sedanette or sedanet) and 4-door sedan bodies. No convertible versions of the torpedo body were available in 1941. Unsure of how well the new styling would sell to the public, Buick hedged its bets and also offered more traditional trunk-back styling similar to that offered in 1940. The traditional look was available in the Special, Super and Roadmaster series in 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe styles as well as 2- and 4-door convertible models. The Limited series continued using only mammoth, traditionally-styled 4-door sedan bodies.


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